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Hire A Professional Drapery Designer And You Will Be Happy!

Back in April I wrote about a client who went into a fabric store and ordered a pair of draperies and sheers from a salesperson behind the counter. A professional never went out to the client’s home to measure the windows or help her with color. The client placed her trust in the hands of a salesperson who did not have the benefit of seeing the windows or the fabric in the home with the other elements in the room. As a result the customer got exactly what she explained that she did NOT want and her draperies are falling apart.

The yellow gold sheers might have seemed like a great idea with the yellow walls but it doesn’t look great from the street side or with the red / burgundy over draperies. In fact the yellow sheers turned out to be too much of a good thing. The draperies were installed too low and the pleats can be seen from outside and they were designed to puddle on the floor. Over time the hem came out and the draperies got soiled. I would have done my best to talk the customer out of puddle because puddles do not fare well with children or pets. This is a large window so installing draperies on a telescoping pole with rings on the pleats made it difficult to open and close the draperies because the pins pop out of the rings. It would have been a better idea to install the draperies higher above the window on a traversing rod.

On the whole, the fabrics were good quality and the draperies were constructed well. Even the installer did a decent job given what he had to work with. This is a perfect example of why it is always better to use an in home drapery service. A good quality drapery in the wrong color with the wrong hardware can ruin the look and function of the window treatment. Use a professional and you will end up getting what you want and being happy with your draperies. img-0326img-0327

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