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Keep These Things In Mind

There are a couple of factors that one should keep in mind when calling out a window coverings professional! The first should be that the designer should be notified of state of the house. In other words if the house is currently being renovated, are the windows going to be ready to measure? I spoke to a client on the phone who indicated that the house was being remodeled but that she was ready to move on the upstairs bedrooms. I arrived for the appointment and the contractor was applying mud to the walls and window casings this meant that I was unable to measure the windows. I have arrived at customers’ homes and was asked to measure windows just as the painter was painting them! Really? I like to get accurate measurements on the first trip and this just means that I would have to go out twice.

If the windows are going to be replaced, call the designer in AFTER the window replacement, not before. This is especially important when measuring for shutters. Double pane windows take up more space because they are thicker. The depth of the casing changes and this will affect whether the shutters will fit in the window and have room for the louvers to rotate. It is especially important that sliding glass doors be changed out BEFORE you order shutters because the door handle on a new sliding glass door can require a thicker shutter frame. Another thing that is important to note is that window replacement companies would like to up sell you fancy wooden windows with decorative trim and grids on the windows. Your new shutters will come with decorative trim so there is no need to order windows with the trim. Not to mention that the grids on the windows with shutters just distort your view out the window.
I am an advocate of purchasing moderately priced windows without grids on them if you are planning on covering the windows with shutters.

So remember – tell your designer where you are in the remodeling process so that multiple trips are not required. Purchase moderately priced windows without grids on them if you are planning on purchasing shutters!

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