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Why Draperies Should Be Lined

Sometimes clients ask me why they should line their draperies.  Draperies are lined for several reasons.  The first reason is to protect the drapery fabric.  This is particularly important when using silk for draperies because if silk is exposed to excessive heat and light it destroys the silk. Recently a client called me out because her unlined draperies did not make it through the dry cleaning process and the following pictures are what her unlined draperies looked like after dry cleaning.  Although the draperies were not silk, had they been lined they probably would not have shredded.

The second reason is to insulate the window from cold, heat and light.  Blackout draperies are the best at keeping the heat, cold and the light out.  People who work nights and sleep during the day love blackout lined draperies.  Some people are also light sensitive and do not want ANY light coming in their bedroom when they sleep and blackout lining is great for light sensitive people.

Drapery lining is also very efficient at insulating against noise both in the room and noise coming in from the outside.  If you want to cut down on traffic noise coming into your home try lined draperies with interlining.  If you have an echo issue in your room lined draperies are great for absorbing the noise in the room.


Check out the “after” and “before” pictures.  shredded-to-new-draperiesshreaded-draperies

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