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Why Hire A Professional Drapery / Window Covering Designer?

Why would some one want to hire a professional drapery and window coverings designer? Most windows in the United States do not fit into “a standard size” ready-made window covering. As a matter of fact we always tell customers that there is no such thing as “standard size window”. You are paying for the designer to take responsibility for the measurements, the design and the fit of the finished product. By “fit” I mean how the draperies are installed. For instance, a standard in this industry is that floor length draperies should be 1/2 inch off of the floor, not three to six inches off of the floor. In the instance that you have a window that is an odd shape like an octagon, triangle, or half circle you would definitely need a custom-made product to fit this shape. A professional would be able to sort though what options would work best for you.

What is your time worth? Do you lead a busy, hectic life? If so, I am sure that the last thing that you want to do on the weekend is to spend an entire afternoon reading directions, trying to figuring out how to install your window coverings. In the time that it takes you to read the directions a professional would have your new window coverings installed. Not to mention that the installer will have the proper size ladders to reach the top of your windows, as well as the right tools.

In short, a professional is going to help you select the best option for your windows, to fit your lifestyle and take the pressure and responsibility off of you. As a professional I am not able to change the view outside of your windows but I can change your view of your windows!

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