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Why Use A Window Coverings Professional?

Some people ask why they should use a window covering professional when they can purchase window coverings on the internet and install their own window coverings.  There are a few reasons to use a seasoned window covering professional.  One reason to use a professional is that there are a lot of products available on the market and a professional can help you find what works best for your situation and life style.  Many times the products that are available on the internet or through box stores are not the same quality as what can be purchased from a window coverings professional.  This holds true for the quality of installers.  Your window coverings are only as good as the installation and the best installers do NOT work for box stores.

A previous client showed me the shutters that her husband purchased off of the internet and installed himself.  It was surprising that the shutters were available on the internet and that the client installed them himself.  The installation was OK but the quality of the shutters was not commensurate with the quality of shutters that would be installed in a two million dollar home.  The gauge of vinyl used was extremely thin and pliable.  The shutters allowed light to be transmitted through the vinyl.  The gaps on the sides of the shutters were huge.  Let’s just say that their shutters fit like a loose glove.   Custom shutters purchased through window coverings experts have the fit of a custom suit, should not be pliable or have light transmitted through the vinyl.

Clients have recounted their frustration and horror of what it was like to deal with internet and catalog companies when purchasing their window coverings.  One client in a high-rise ordered sun screens for his unit through an internet company that sent out a local installer who measured the job and sent in the measurements to them.   This should not have been an issue except that none of the shades fit the windows.  The internet company did not want to accept responsibility for the mistake and neither did the installer.  The two parties responsible for the correct measuring and ordering of the shades wanted the client to pay for the remake!  The Drapery Lady measures and orders all of her own jobs – except for shutters and complicated orders which are left to the professional installers.

A recent client went into a fabric store and ordered custom draperies from a person at the counter.  It was obvious that the counter person was not a professional and ordered the wrong type of hardware for her installation, not to mention that her yellow sheers were obnoxious.  The draperies were very good quality and they worked well with  her living room.  The sheers were changed out to neutral sheers, new hardware was installed higher up on the wall and her existing draperies were reinstalled.  The neutral sheers added a calming effect, the drapery pleats did not show through the front window and the hardware operated smoothly.  This is a case of your window coverings are only as good as the installation.

Hopefully you are convinced that you should hire a professional to have your job done right!



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