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Window Fashions

There are trends in window fashions and home fashions just as there are trends in clothing. Typically, clothing that is “classic” and well tailored can be worn for a long time and does not go out of “fashion”. The same holds true for window fashions that are custom made with classic fabrics and styles that are not in trendy colors. Take for instance the draperies in the photo. This client remodeled her home 20+ years ago and her interior designer selected a fabric that was a classic damask pattern in a neutral shade. The draperies were well lined with a HEAVY lining (called bump) to withstand the sun from the western exposure. After 20 years the client called me in to replace her sheers that had been eaten away by the sun. Realistically, she got two lifetimes out of the original sheers so it was well worth the money and her draperies still look good!

The point that I am making is that a Chanel suit or Louis Vuitton handbag will never go out of fashion. Well constructed, classic draperies do not go out of fashion either. You wouldn’t wear “trendy” clothes from the 1980’s (remember parachute pants and the neon clothing?) so your windows shouldn’t be dressed in trendy window fashions from the 1980’s either! Your windows should reflect your personal style. If you want to have draperies that are going to stand the test of time purchase something classic. If you like to be on the cutting edge of each trend that comes around, then by all means, change your window fashions out to reflect the latest trends. I can help you with either style – classic or trendy!

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