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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does it take to get custom window coverings?
    Depending upon the size of your project, expect to spend at least two hours in the initial consultation selecting materials, colors, going over the design, getting measurements, and explaining product information. Smaller projects take less time and larger projects take more time. Once your order is placed please allow six to eight weeks from the time you place the order for your custom draperies and shutters to the time of installation. Blinds usually take about three weeks. Keep in mind that these are projected times. It can take less time and sometimes longer (back orders do happen!) Rush orders are available on some products.
  2. How much do custom draperies and window coverings cost?
    Keep in mind that The Drapery Lady carries only custom draperies and window coverings. The price is dependent upon the fabrics, design, brands of products, and the size of your windows. There are fabrics that start at $25.00 per yard and go up from there. Also, in the world of custom window coverings, there is no such thing as a “standard window“. Everything is designed and manufactured to each client’s specifications. The Drapery Lady will work on the smallest drapery project to the most elaborate window treatments. We can create something to fit almost anyone’s custom window covering budget.
  3. I want plantation shutters and I am getting new windows. What type of windows will work best with plantation shutters?
    The simpler the window, the better. Windows without grids on them work best with shutters. Grid patterns on your windows with shutters can sometimes obscure your view and detract from the look of the windows. Windows that have no cranks or latches on them also work best with shutters. Cranks and latches can sometimes interfere with the operation of your shutters. Many times trim doesn’t need to be added around the windows because your shutters will come with trim. In some cases, we can even match the trim in your home.
  4. Aren’t vinyl shutters better than wood shutters?
    Nothing has the look and feel of custom wood shutters. Wood shutters are made from the highest quality kiln dried hardwoods and should never warp and when properly installed they should never sag. Experience has told us that wood shutters can last a long, long time. The Drapery Lady carries only the finest quality wood and vinyl shutters. Consider the area where the shutters are being installed. A window that is in a shower that water will get water splashed directly on it has the best option of a vinyl shutters. In lovely living room or master bedroom a wood shutter will look the most elegant. Given the recent popularity of shutters, the market has been flooded with a variety of qualities. Not all shutters are created equally – especially with vinyl shutters. Bear in mind, you get what you pay for.
  5. I have my own fabric and want to have draperies made for my home; will The Drapery Lady work with my fabric?
    Yes, in most instances, The Drapery Lady will work with a customer’s own material.
  6. I am trying to decide if I want to reupholster my sofa. Is it worth reupholstering?
    • Does the piece have sentimental value?
    • Is the piece an antique?
    • Was the piece custom made, or a style that you would not be able to purchase in a store?
    • Is the piece a name brand, very high quality piece of furniture that would be extremely expensive to replace?

    If you can answer “yes” to any or all of those questions, then it is probably well worth the investment for you to reupholster your furniture.

  7. I want to install my own draperies and blinds, can I order my blinds and draperies from The Drapery Lady and install them myself?
    In most instances if a client wants to install their own products they can purchase their window coverings from The Drapery Lady and install them themselves, with the exception of shutters and motorized products. Shutters require an experienced shutter installer to install them and motorized products require knowledge of how to program them.