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Motorization For You Window Treatments, Serving The Greater San Jose Area


Window treatments can provide the ideal level of privacy and light control in your homeā€”and you can choose what that level is by adjusting your treatments to suit your needs. If you struggle to get up and adjust your window coverings because of limited mobility or any other issues, get motorization for your San Jose home.

Motorization allows you to adjust your window treatments with your smart device, making them a godsend for those of you who are finicky about adjusting your treatments but can't do so comfortably or safely. For quality motorization products and installation services, look to the local pros at The Drapery Lady. We proudly provide this accessory to our stunning draperies in San Jose.

Enjoy All of the Benefits That Motorization Provides

On the surface, motorization may seem to be little more than a luxury. However, that couldn't be further from the truth when you consider the bevy of benefits that this installation has to offer. By investing in motorization from our San Jose team, you're guaranteed to enjoy all of these benefits to the very fullest:

  • Greater convenience in your home since you can adjust your window treatments with your smart device
  • A safer way for those with limited mobility to adjust their window treatments
  • Increased property value thanks to the inclusion of motorization in your home

Get Your Window Treatments from Our San Jose Team

What good would motorization be if it worked in tandem with shoddy, unsightly window treatments? Not very good, we say. We also say that you can count on us to provide you with quality draperies, blinds, screens, or any other kind of window treatment. We provide only high-quality products that will pair wonderfully with motorization.

From draperies to motorization, we offer any and all window covering products and accessories to help you enjoy stunning coverings as well as the privacy you should expect in your home. Check out our latest projects gallery to glean just a few examples of the stunning products we offer. For more information, don't hesitate to contact us online or over the phone today.


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If you are looking for experienced drapery motorization in the San Jose area, then please call 408-981-1874, or complete our online request form.