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Curb Appeal

“Curb Appeal” is not just a show on HGTV. Curb appeal does not only apply to front yard landscaping or stop at your front door. Curb appeal also applies to your home’s window coverings that face the street. It is important that the window coverings that face the front of your home look consistent. This means that when standing at the curb looking up at your home there should not be a mishmash of window treatments. Say that there are four windows that face the street – a dining room window, a living room window, and two bedroom windows on the second floor – these window treatments should look consistent. Each window should not have a different window treatment. Who wants to look up at the front of a home and see a plantation shutter in one window, sheer draperies in other window, vertical blinds in another window and a horizontal blind in the other window? I have seen a scenario of four different window treatments on the front windows on a multi-million dollar home and this lack of cohesiveness did not help the client’s curb appeal.

Lined draperies don’t just provide more luxurious looking draperies that insulate against heat, cold, light and sound – they add curb appeal! A mix of patterned window treatments and colors that face the street do not add curb appeal. Using lined draperies will provide a consistent look from the street. Seeing a front window covered with poorly made, unlined curtains, in a child’s print can destroy a home’s curb appeal. Yes, I have seen homemade curtains in the front window that look like the home owners took a set of Star Wars themed sheets and draped them over the front bedroom window. This made the house look horrible.

A good window treatment designer will take into consideration the curb appeal of your home. Having consistent looking window treatments will help your curb appeal and ultimately this will help the value of your home. This is just another reason why hiring a professional will benefit a home owner!

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