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Got Huge Windows?

If you have huge windows it is a good idea to call a professional to supply and install window treatments for you. I had a client who lived in a loft and has a huge set of windows that face west. He needed a shade that covered both windows and measured eight feet wide and sixteen feet long. This is not the type of project that a novice should try to tackle. No one wants to purchase a ladder that tall for just one project or be on that ladder trying to figure out how to install a shade that large for the first time. I went to the customer’s home and showed him shade samples and measured the windows. I made suggestions to help him select the right shade material, color and valance options. My installer and I returned to his home in three weeks with the shade. The client’s painter supplied scaffolding for the installer and this gave him a platform to stand on while he removed the old shade and installed the new one. Truth be told it took longer to put up the scaffolding and take it down than it did to install the new shade. The customer came home to find that the scaffolding was removed and his new shade was installed. All is well!

I just received a call from a man who lives in the same building. He wants to replace the shade in his loft that the previous owner installed. He said the old shade is dirty and the chain keeps breaking. Apparently, the previous owner did not order a “lift assist” on the shade. This was why it was so difficult to operate the shade and the chain keeps breaking. He said it is time to get another shade!

Better to leave somethings up to professionals….

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